The AcquaLink® product line for maximum reliability and progressive technology in premium quality

Maximum reliability and progressive technology in premium quality.

We’d like to present AcquaLink®, our new comprehensive product range. AcquaLink®‏ realizes state of the art solutions to provide customers with instantaneous, accurate nautical information.

The instruments are designed for performance, with ease of use remaining an important attribute. The use of solely premium material, such as mineral glass lenses, guarantees the highest level of reliability and readability, as well as low energy consumption.

All AquaLink instruments are lead free, a token of our commitment to environmental responsibility. The timelessly elegantly stylish yet modern design of AcquaLink® displays and gauges provides your cockpit with pleasant clarity.

Level Instruments

Precise level instrumentation

Control Units

Heart and brain of the AcquaLink® system

TFT Displays

Optimal reliability and readability

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