Rudder angle (110 mm)

The AcquaLink® control unit displays (slave) for yachts with steering wheel continuously indicate the current rudder position. An important instrument in the cockpit to prevent maneuvering accidents on narrow waterways. The rudder angle display receives its information from an EasyLink master connected to the VDO bus. With the help of the accompanying line set, further slaves can be connected in series with any other EasyLink instrument.

  • 2 x M12 8 pin VDO Bus connectors
  • < 150 mA
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Anti-fog coated mineral glass
  • Front & rear side protection rating IPX6, IPX9K
  • 50 mm installation depth
  • 90° pointer deflection angle
  • 45° Port to 45° Starboard
  • Operating temperature range -20 °C / +70 °C
  • Storage temperature range -30 °C / +80 °C

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