Feel like a professional skipper!

Feel like a professional skipper! Veratron breaks common rules and offers a high-performance Vertical Mast Display.

Accessing Data is always critical when you are sailing, be it physically or to maximize the performance. However, with Veratron's new NMEA2000 compatible Vertical Mast Display Unit, it's simple to add it to a mast for use on a NMEA2000 wired yacht, where helmsman and crew can all have it in sight. Accessing Data has never been so easy!

Adaptability is also key, that’s why we look for the best solution for every product use case. Our 7" AcquaLink™ TFT provides the ability to display 16 data streams, making it the perfect solution for the racer/cruiser who has different information needs during his journey.

The full-color display is designed to be resistant even in harsh conditions. A unique transmissive layer makes it readable in any condition, even direct sunlight. And it can be operated either with the touch screen mode or a NavControl can be added for remote cockpit control. The system automatically self-configures the 7" TFT for mast display, making it easy for installation.

The Single model B00044701, with its look and feel of a smaller triple display, is black powder coated aluminum and secures one display vertically that provides the performance of racing boat instruments at best price. It offers minimal installation depth, yet sufficient room for running rigging.

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